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BMF124 Clear Decal Film Single Sheet (Laser Printers)

Price: $4.99
Item Number: BMF124
Manufacturer: Bare Metal Foil
Manufacturer Part No: 124

Experts-Choice® Decal Film is available in both clear and white one and three sheet packs. With Experts-Choice™ plain decal film you can use your own color ink jet or laser printer to make home made decals. You can also use a color photo copier to reproduce any decal of your choice. This material allows you to use existing artwork from books, magazines, computer clip art, or your own original art to create any decal. The standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheets work perfectly with any copier or printer.

Important notice: Inkjet decal film is intended for use with inkjet printers only. Please choose laser decal film for photocopiers and laser printers.

Use white decal film if your subject has white in it. In some cases where the white is undesirable around your your image, like a U.S. Air Force insignia, print the insignia on the clear decal film. Then cut a piece of the white decal film to fit under the insignia. Apply the piece of white film and while still wet apply the red and blue insignia that was printed on clear film over it. The white will show through where it needs to be and you didn't have to print the white.

If you are copying a current decal to a larger or smaller scale with a color copier you may want to tranfer the sheet onto a sheet of white styrene. This is due to the blue background on the master decal. Following this procedure will prevent the color copier from printing the blue onto your new decal.

If using a color copier, you will achieve best results when the decal sheet is put through the bypass tray. This will reduce the number of rollers the material has to travel through.

Be aware that some printers do not print the colors opaque (solid) enough. This is the fault of the printer, not the paper. For instance, the color may look good on the decal paper but when applied over a dark colored surface the color will change. This is especially true with yellow. If this occurs you can try a heavier setting on your printer. If this does not work you may try a second printing of the same image and place it over the first. Another option is to print your subject on white decal paper so it will have an undercoat.

If you are going to print a photo as a decal you should print it on white decal paper to pick up any white in the photo.

After printing your decals, apply Testors TES9200 Decal Bonder or Microscale MSIMI-12 Liquid Decal Film over them to protect it.

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