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February 24th 2019
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WDK80572 Pirate Ship Wood Kit

Price: $16.99
Item Number: WDK80572
Manufacturer: Woodkrafter Kits
Manufacturer Part No: 80572
This Woodkrafter Kit Builds a Pirate Ship.
            A Basic Boat Wooden Kit Suitable for Ages 10 and Older.

     Piracy was most frequent and least controlled during the first 25 years of
the 18th century. The typical pirate ship was a brigantine. A brigantine is a
two-masted vessel which features primarily square rigging, but sometimes had
fore and aft rigging both on its mainmast and foremast. Pirate ships had a
telltale flag, the "Jolly Roger," which was intended to strike terror in the
hearts of mariners. They also had a plank. "Walking the plank," an amusement
first practiced by Romans, was a popular diversion among pirates.

FEATURES: Wood parts are pre-cut and pre-shaped.
          Authentic wooden model for display.
          One-piece hull.
          Cabin and hatch covers.
          Masts, yardarms, and rigging.
          Detailed assembly instructions provided.
INCLUDES: One Pirate Ship Kit

REQUIRES: Assembly
          Quick Drying Wood Glue
          Paint or Stain

SPECS:    Length: 8-5/8"
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