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February 28th 2021
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TES9200 Decal Bonder

Price: $5.99
Item Number: TES9200
Manufacturer: Testors
Manufacturer Part No: 9200

Testor Decal Bonder is the final step in producing a custom decal. Once the decal has been printed, allow the ink to dry then spray on a few mist coats of Decal Bonder to seal in the decal. The Decal Bonder produces the “carrier film” of each decal. Without the decal bonder, the decal image would disintegrate once put in water. An absolute must for Testor Decal Paper item numbers 9201, 9202, & 9203. Can also be used for Bare-Metal Foil item numbers 119,120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, & 126. Also works good for refreshing older decals where the carrier film has decayed over the years.

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