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February 24th 2019
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TES2782 Super Fine Gray Lacquer Primer 1/2 Oz. Bottle

Price: $3.99
Item Number: TES2782
Manufacturer: Testors
Manufacturer Part No: 2782
FEATURES: Flammable and toxic                                                 
          Will sand well both wet and dry, but wet sanding products finer     
          Sand with very fine sandpaper    
          Coarse sandpaper will scratch the surface                           
          Recoat, once fully dry - 20 minutes under normal conditions         
          Primer is a lacquer so it is self dissolving                        
          Builds a bonding coat to both the plastic below and paint above     
          Can be used under all Testor/Model Master/Floquil and PollyScale    
            Acrylics, Enamels or Lacquers                                     
          Can be used on plastic, white metal, metal, resin, contour putty and
            other fillers                                                     
          Not recommended for highly porous surfaces                          
          When airbrushing use at 20 PSI or less
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