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February 24th 2019
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TAM78028 US Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 Modern

MSRP: $163.99
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Item Number: TAM78028
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Manufacturer Part No: 78028
The Battleship New Jersey (BB-62) came into being on 7 December 1942 when she was launched. Second of the four IOWA class dreadnaughts built for use during the second world war, the New Jersey has had the longest service life and been active in four major conflicts. Her first assignment was primarily antiaircraft defense of the carrier task force working from Ellice Island during the Pacific war campaign. The BB-62 took part in all of the actions against the Japanese forces from 23 May 1943 to the end of that conflict. All Iowa class battleships had a beam of less than 110 feet in order to navigate through the Panama canal, and is what gives these ships the sleek speedy appearance. Produced from a Fast Battleship Design Study done in May 1938, it was proposed to be a 56,604 ton displacement vessel with a top speed of 33 knots, and main armament of 9 16"/50 caliber guns in triple turrets. Armament protection was to be from 16" projectiles. It had a range of 15,000 nautical miles at 15 knots. The New Jersey was taken out of commission of 30 June 1948 and mothballed at Bayonne, New Jersey. Just two years later, on 21 November 1950, the BB-62 was re-commissioned for use during the Korean conflict and served with distinction in that area until 21 August 1957, when she was mothballed at the Philadelphia shipyard. During the Vietnam conflict, the New Jersey was again selected to serve her country on the field of battle. Due to the less suitable condition of the Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin, also mothballed, the New Jersey was made seaworthy and updated with new weapons systems. Cannibalizing the three other Iowa class vessels, the BB-62 was made ready in record time and re-commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 6 April 1968. She began gunfire support missions of the Vietnam coast on 30 September 1968 and served with distinction in that capacity until the end of March 1969. She returned to Long Beach California on 5 May 1969, and was decommissioned at Bremerton, Washington on 17 December. With the buildup of the Communist block navies, and the mounting world tensions of the late 1970's and early 80's, the United States Government decided to utilize all of the Iowa Class battleships then in mothballs, as an economical and speedy way of bolstering their seaforces. Fitted out with the latest missile systems and removal of outmoded weapons systems, the New Jersey was the first of the newly configured BB weapons systems to be commissioned on 28 Dec. 1982. She sailed from Long Beach (where she was refitted) for the far east in early 1983, and while visiting the Philippines, was called upon to steam quickly to the Mediterranean as a show of force in the area of the Lebanon conflict. While on station off the coast, she was called upon, once again, to shell the coast with her massive 16" guns, making her the only BB class vessel to have participated in action in four conflicts during a period of 40 years. The USS New Jersey then sailed for Long Beach, California (her home port), for rest and further refitting. The New Jersey does not look radically different from the way she did in 1943; however, a great amount of modification had taken place, and it is evident in the area of the 5" gun turrets that have been removed from the superstructure, and replaced with Tomahawk and Harpoon missile plus Vulcan/Phalanx AA systems. At the present time the distinctive 16" gun turrets are still in operation; however, it is planned to remove part or all of these weapons for further missile employment. Aircraft launching areas for a dozen AV-8B Harriers is also being considered for the future. 40 years is a long time for any weapons system to remain viable. The USS New Jersey is such a system. Considered a lucky ship by her Captain and crew, the BB-62 has suffered only one fatality and 3 wounded during her entire career in active combat, and she remains ready at any time to sail again for her country.
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